Writing intensive Sedimentology course

Sharing materials

I mentioned teaching this course on Twitter a few weeks ago and there was some interest in seeing my materials. This post shares a few things that I have prepared so far for the course. The most important pieces are the scaffolding (small writing projects to build skills) and the semester project overview. All of these have been made using R markdown and compiled as LaTeX documents with Knitr. I will share more about this process in a blog post in the future.

Syllabus draft

Here is a current copy of my course syllabus.

Download the current syllabus draft.

Semester project overview handout

You can see the semester project overview handout here.

Download the current Semester project overview handout.

Scaffolding first abstract writing

I have also uploaded the handout for the first abstract writing.

Download the current First abstract handout.

Watch this blog for more information on how I am teaching writing in Sedimentology this fall.

Benjamin J. Linzmeier
Benjamin J. Linzmeier
Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences

My research interests include biomineralization and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks and fossils.